Saturday, April 27, 2013


Nadia Salemme MX Friday 26 April 2013
TICKET inspectors have been banned from chasing and surrounding fare evaders, according to a secret memo from Yarra Trams. There are other private public transport companies raping the community besides Yarra Trams so be careful out there guys. LEST WE FORGET that the ticket inspectors, pretend police and police have the capacity for violence against innocent people.
The leaked document stated authorised officers “must not block the path of, or attempt to physically detain a person who attempts to walk/run away” in a move that could help fare evaders.
The internal memo, leaked to radio 3AW tody, said inspectors weren't allowed to “surround or corral” a passenger, or pursue them if the passenger physically attacked an inspector.
The policy, which came into effect last month, said an arrest should only be made “as an absolute last resort”.
The memo said it was introduced because inspectors had been “injured as a result of unruly passengers during physical detention”. There were 10 assaults on inspectors between January and March, a “slight rise” on the same period last year.
A Yarra Trams spokesman confirmed the details of the memo today.
One regular tram user said: “I would just run. If it was outside of my usual commute to work, I probably would.”
Public Transport Users Association president Tony Morton said the policy was “positive” and would “call off their rather aggressive arresting tactics”.
“We don't condone fare evasion but we don't like to see a system that turns the interaction between staff andpassengers into a confrontation,” he said.
“In the past you had scenes where half a dozen ticket inspectors basically get quite physically aggressive with people over an unpaid fine.”

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