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Our hearts are full with the many One People anxious to express their commitment to peace and freedom by signing an Oath and Bond. On this page you can review the offered documents and their purpose, however, please be patient with the submission process. We are establishing an interactive system to receive and catalogue your signed documents and hope to have that complete in a matter of days.
This is part of a skype room response to conversation about these documents:  “Yes, Sean you are right the Oath and Bond has two different “audiences” if you will.
Servant, for those who would like to be part of the CVAC type system which would be only a temporary bridging “entity”-”council”,lasting no more than a year, that kind of idea…to move us from the fake governments we think we have to the place where each person stands in complete empowerment and responsibility for themselves- self governance.
Protector, for former and current military, think of all the truly positive things that the coast guard or the national guard do, in emergencies or helping to organize that sort of thing and you will have a picture of what this group of people will do.
We have a beautiful example of the integrity and BEing and DOing of just such a person in this room, Captain Deryl Delany… (hug)
These things are all clearly laid out in all the OPPT documents and they are all easy to locate on the One People’s site currently
So if you feel that you fit into one of these two “audiences” and you want to step forward in a specific capacity under CVAC guidelines then these Oath and Bond documents are something you might see if you have a resonance for signing.
In my discussions with Chris on developing a section on the website for these documents and the best ways to get them online, facilitate people who wanted to send them in and then present them in a way that serves all and moves this forward…
I mentioned that I felt it  was very important to have another document. One that let people step forward and declare their knowing of being free and wanting to declare they were committed to building Nova Earth in their own special way.
For some that would be just as simple as publicly stating their full name, their city and country in a Declaration of Freedom. The vision that came to me had thousands upon thousands of people’s names scrolling on the website. And the energy from all those eternal essence embodied on the site inspired others to wake up and submit their Declaration of Freedom and perhaps choose to sign one of the Oath and Bonds.
It also inspired those who submitted their Declaration of Freedom to co-create with others in specific ways that organically evolved out of these first steps.
There were a few glimpses in here today of the germination of those kinds of organic co-creative ideas in between all of the old paradigm angry accusatory and assumptive energy. Discourse, discussion and dissecting different ideas processes, ways of being and doing is good especially when we work to  leave all but coming from the energy of Love out of the equation.
Freedom and working in Transparency, integrity and co-creativity is hard work and something that has been beaten down in us. So lets work together, play together, imagine together and co-create together from a heart centered high energy vibration.”

You do not have to sign anything if you do not want to, it is your free will choice.
Signing either of these bonds is an act of commitment and support.
They are of limited duration.
The dissolution of the One People Public trust by UCC filing #2013032035 on March 18 2013 was the final step that lawfully returned the One People of Earth to their true freedom and status.
“II. I duly verify, with full responsibility and liability, by DECLARATION OF ABSOLUTE AUDIT AND RECONCILIATION, that all that IS has been fully audited and reconciled into Absolute, eternal essence, inclusive of all trusts, systems, networks, regimes, hierarchies, and any and all other limits, unrebutted;”
All that now remains on the planet are the One People as eternal essence embodied, absent limits, Absolute.
We just graduated. Our thinking needs to adjust to the reality of the new paradigm and drop the acronym “OPPT” except when referring to the UCC filings created when the Trust was operating  which, although the UCC has also been reconciled and archived still remain in force.
The phrase “the One People” is all that is needed to describe our civilization.
An outbreak of peace is soon to occur and a monumental shift in every aspect of this civilization is going to require that all of us contribute our energy in whatever way we can. If you have been following the shows then you already know this.
To that end what is presented here is an opportunity for two levels of commitment to establishing peace and freedom on Earth.
You do not have to give your Oath and Bond to support the One People. You can do anything you are moved to do without these. However if you would like to be involved in the CVAC Systems of Assistance or in carrying out the Military Order it is required by the original OPPT UCC filings at this stage.
It is a free will choice.
Oath and Bond for Public Servant to the One People.
This is for anyone who wants to contribute time and energy to establishing and maintaining the CVAC SYSTEMS OF ASSISTANCE. All manner of skills will be required over the next year.
Oath and Bond for Protector of the One People.
This Bond and Oath is for serving or ex-military who volunteer to assist in the enforcement of the UCC Military order that peacefully closes out the old system.
Note that oaths previously made to foreclosed corporate governments are no longer valid however the intent to serve the people and actually fix this world lives on inside true oath-keepers.
Here is your chance to fulfill your true oath.
Please download the file, fill it in with Name and Address, sign it and seal with thumbprint and date. Then scan to a PDF and upload to the same webpage.
When you upload it, you will be prompted to provide the same details for the database so your Bond and Oath is recorded.
NOTE:  Read these documents out loud once you have filled them in. Their meaning is energetically stored within you when you do so.
Oath and Bond for Public Servant to the One People

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