Wednesday, December 25, 2013


December 24, 2013 

POLICE have nabbed hundreds of dodgy drivers –journalistic programming phrase– committing –journalistic programming phrase that infers guilt when everyone is actually presumed innocent & therefore have committed nothing at all– more than 15,000 offences during the summer crackdown on Victorian roads. 

Operation Break –government/police programming phrase using military operational propaganda– was launched in November in the bid to force –no free will choice exerted means slavery– drivers to be safe on our roads over summer or face a long stint off the roads.

The campaign was accompanied by an impressive range of advertising warning drivers police were cracking down on dubious drivers.
Journalistic programming phrases that serves as a propaganda, complete with barracking and anticipation of police advertising revenue. Have you ever wondered how much money the media outlets that support police revenue raising make from those same for profit policy enforcers.
Despite the warning police handed out tickets to more than 135 people a day for talking on their phones.
Police do not appear willing to accept community will, they want to force the community to accept the government's wil.

Almost 40 drivers a day were caught for drinking offences and nine a day tested positive for drugs.

More than 500 tickets were handed out every day of the campaign for speeding.

Road Policing Command Assistant Commissioner Robert Hill said the figures were particularly disappointing as motorists were given plenty of warning police would be strictly enforcing the penalties for mobile phone use.

"At the start of the Summer Stay campaign Victoria Police warned motorists we would be focused on driver distraction.
"We told the community we would be out there saturating the roads, targeting drivers using their mobile phones.
"Clearly the figures show motorists just aren't getting the message.
 Clearly the figures show police/government just aren't getting the message.

"This month we've had 28 people killed on our roads, the worst month so far this year.
"That's 28 more families that will be missing someone this Christmas.
Using an emotional programming tool that works on people that empathise with others.

"We have to work together to get the road safety messages out there, using your mobile phone while driving is a deadly driver distraction.
"Imagine trying to explain to your best friends mum why taking that call meant more to you then her daughter or son's life."
Could you imagine a cop telling people the truth that they are the pets of the farmers employed to force the free community to comply with the farmers will?
Me neither.
With Boxing Day being one of the worst days on Victorian roads, police are urging drivers who are travelling long distances to rest regularly.

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