Sunday, December 15, 2013


"Occupy Sydney whose daily name is Lance is in Brisbane waiting for tomorrow's Magistrate Court Hearing.

We will take an opportunity now to debrief on the events of the past twenty four hours.

Occupy Sydney was charged and detained yesterday by Queensland Police. He was charged while promoting civil liberty, freedom of association and human rights for all Australians. This was within a broader framework of a National campaign that aims to secure every Australians civil, political and human rights Constitutionally at State/Territory and Federal level. This movement has grown rapidly recently with the introduction of new legislation at State level that seriously impede our civil, political and human rights. With Queensland implementing the most draconian legislation. Victoria is pursuing similar measures including proposing to introduce laws that make it a criminal offence to criticise Government or Corporations.

Hence it is within these circumstances that Occupy Sydney was warned by New South Wales police prior to travelling to Queensland that he was not wanted there and that he should stay away. Indeed NSW police asked if he wouldn't mind reporting to them to ensure that he was not in Queensland. In short one of our key facilitators is warned not to travel to Queensland and assist Queenslanders in their efforts to regain and protect their rights and freedoms.

We know police have been tracking the movements of Australians who are vocal on their opposition to our freedoms and rights being taken from us.

Occupy is not sitting in a prison cell because of some inane and insignificant 1990 warrant. He is there for 3 reasons and all have to do with his political activities. And frankly ours."

We are all in this together. Will we stand as one or allow ourselves to be picked off one by one? 


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