Thursday, December 27, 2012


Corporations (Queensland) Act 1990
Part 2    The Corporations Law, and the Corporations Regulations, of Queensland
       8   Application of regulations
            (1) The regulations in force, immediately before the repeal of the Corporations Act,
                  under section 22 of that Act—
            (a) apply as regulations in force for the purposes of the Corporations Law of
                  Queensland; and
            (b) as so applying, may be referred to as the Corporations Regulations of Queensland.
            (3) To the extent that a provision of the Corporations Regulations of Queensland is
                  taken because of a particular application of subsection (2) to have effect, or to
                 have had effect, before the day of notification of the regulations referred to in that
                 subsection, the provision does not operate so as to—
            (a) affect a private person’s rights as at that day so as to disadvantage that person; or
            (b) impose a liability on a private person in respect of anything done or omitted to be
                 done before that day.
           (4) In subsection (3)—
                 private person means a person other than—
           (a) the Commonwealth, a State or the Capital Territory; or
           (b) an authority of the Commonwealth, of a State or of the Capital Territory.

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