Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Sometime in the last period of time, i.e. sometime, since the last time I payed attention to the numbers on my computer screen, the important and influential, maverick Australian independent webpage, Mikiverse Law, managed to pass the 50,000 visitor mark.
This minor feat has taken a week less than twenty eight months, since the old Mikiverse page gave birth to Mikiverse Law back on August 20, 2010 with a reproduction of the Australian Bill of Rights, as recorded within the Victorian state piece of legislation, the Imperial Acts Application Act, 1980.
Whilst Mikiverse Law hardly enjoys the level of 'media penetration', public or 'brand' awareness of the well-known independent media outlets such as Alex Jones' Info Wars, Frank O'Collins' UCADIA community, David Icke, George Noory, Conscious Media, World Freeman Society and other sites of this larger independent level, Mikiverse Law has established itself as an excellent resource for information that may assist those who seek to advance their knowledge about lore, law, stautory law, by-law, regulation codes et al.
It is my considered opinion that is essential for all mature, healthy communities to have access to a range of opinions in order to enjoy freedom, and opportunity for growth amongst other things. This is especially the case in this present era of spin doctored corporate news services issuing press releases as news, timid journalists being too afraid to ask tough questions, the rise of gossip as a source of news, and, the willingness of the corporate media to align itself with big business/government/government agencies against the people.   
It is for these reasons and more that the Mikiverse Law will keep chugging along, sharing what I feel to be important and relevant stories, whilst being mindful that although a small step in the right direction has been attained by reaching a milestone, a lot more needs to be done before we can achieve real, beneficial and long lasting change in each of our local communities.
To that end, you are cordially invited to share any ideas about how this website may evolve itself to keep growing, to reach new people, and to make the information housed on this page easier to access. I am seeking to organise a new home page lay out with an ability to link up with the different articles on this site. This will be rolled out as soon as I can gather together the necessary webpage coding.  If you can assist Mikiverse Law with this should email all codes, instructions etc to
Anyone who has an idea to share is invited share their ideas in the comments thread below.  
In the meantime, I wish to offer a heartfelt Thank You to all that have visited the page or shared a link from Mikiverse Law within Your Own circle. If anything on this site has offered you some assistance on your journey then I have fulfilled my function satisfactorily.
Much Love and Respect to you all,
Mikiverse Law

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  1. I am taking a look at this type of interface and am interested in your feedback.

    I will change the font, the image may go completely or change to something else.

    What do you think? Let Mikiverse Law know in this thread.