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By Tetractys Merkaba in red.
Another day, another Feral Slum tabloid hit piece. This time using public paranoia and manipulating the psychological traits of particular people, in order to goad them into spying on their fellow community members, in a typical effort to generate some advertising revenue for greedy American owner Rupert Murdoch, who famously, is the owner of the English newspaper that was caught unlawfully tapping into people's phones.
This time, however, 100% independent, Australian-owned media, Mikivere Politics is on hand to analyse their 'story'.     
The first problem occurs with their headline. Who are the multiple motorists who have been "enraged"? The only two people quoted are;
1. Bernie Rankin, employee of the registered business, Victoria Police, an organization that stands to gain financially and are therefore acting 'in interest' who wasn't present at the time of the alleged incident.
2. Stewart (name withheld), described in the article as a motorist.
This raises the important question where is this second enraged motorist? Only one 'motorist' appears to have been present.    
by: Angus Thompson From: Herald Sun December 26, 2012

A driver activates cruise control, while his feet hang out the window as he travels on the Eastern Freeway. Source: Supplied          
POLICE have given a rogue P-plater photographed hurtling down a Melbourne freeway with both legs outside the driver's window a day to turn himself in. 
This sentence appears symptomatic of the lazy policing and corporate arrogance displayed by Victoria Police. They appear to prefer to work in conjunction with the tabloid media in stead of actually doing their job and investigating crime.
Of course, there is no crime being committed because there is no victim of crime.        
Shocked motorists-there is the employment of the plural in what may appear to an attempt to lie to their audience given that the singular phrase 'motorist' may well be more accurate- snapped the “ludicrous” Volkswagen golf driver literally putting his feet up as he cruised down the Eastern Freeway, near the Blackburn Rd off-ramp about 7am on Christmas Eve.
Inspector Bernie Rankin from the Major Collision Investigation Unit said police knew who the owner of the car was and would be hunting him down if he didn’t front a police station today.
"hunting him down"? Really? We now hunt innocent people down because they do not go to a police station at the request of the registered Victoria Police business.
Will they hunt him down like that teenager that they hunted down in a hail of bullets until he stopped breathing a few years back?
This is an old fashioned scare campaign that is simultaneously being carried out on people reading the article as well as the innocent party in this matter.
That is one of the essential, non-negotiable cornerstones of a free community.
“This young man, his behaviour without any further examination is conduct endangering life – that’s a very serious criminal charge,” Insp Rankin said.
Isn't it nice and re-assuring to see how quickly an employee of a business with something to gain will try to employ scare tactics through the corporate media in stead of, ... say, ..., actually investigating the alleged incident?
Mind you, the same employee who appears to be acting with interest, has also described the alleged incident as "conduct endangering life" even though HE WAS NOT PRESENT AND HAS COMPLETED NO "FURTHER EXAMINATION".
Is this the model for policing in the twenty first century?
Of course, it is an interesting manipulation of the so-called justice system that anyone can be criminally charged for an accusation that has NO VICTIM. 
You might be thinking its funny or it might be a joke, or you might be showing off in front of your friends, but at the end of the day if you hurt someone or if someone sees what your doing - of course records it and, of course with mobile phones, cameras people are sending this sort of stuff into us all the time - so just remember that.”
The quote really tells you everything that you need to know, because according to this Rankin guy, people are apparently endlessly witnessing the following three actions:
1. Things that people think are funny, but, are actually;
  (a) Funny
  (b) Not Funny
  (c) Somewhere in between 1(a) and 1(b)
2. Things that people do to show off in front of their friends, and,
3. People hurting other people.
These people -who may or may not work in shifts- then take photos of the aforementioned three activities and continuously send these photos into the registered business that trades as Victoria Police.
Interestingly enough, Rankin has no problem with people driving one or no handed so that they can take photos/raise revenue for Victoria Police.
Motorist Stewart (last name withheld) from Heathmont photographed the driver of the black Volkswagen speeding down the Eastern Fwy on Monday morning.
Notice that he is identified as a motorist, as opposed to a passenger or guest?
Notice that no one in this car is quoted from in this story?
Who was driving the car while Stewart took the photo?
If someone WAS in control of the car, why weren't they quoted? Did their quotes not conform to the propaganda piece that the Herald Sun published?
I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. -really? a man cannot believe that he saw a pair of feet sitting on the side door, or if these feet belong to the driver or the passenger of the photographed car? Stewart readily admits that these facts lie outside of his ability to discern to his own satisfaction, yet, this has not prevented both the Herald Sun and Victoria Police from taking him seriously. Does this mean that we should discount the judgment of the Herald Sun, Victoria Police and this random guy who may be seeking his fifteen minutes of fame? Or, should we be asking why the Herald Sun and Victoria Police are so quick to pull the trigger on anti-community attitudes, statements and activities. I thought: if his right foot’s outside thee window, how is he accelerating? Then I saw both feet out of the window and I thought: bloody hell,” Stewart said.
He said he saw the driver travelling over the speed limit before he pulled up next to the packed car, which meant that Stewart was also "travelling over the speed limit", potentially whilst taking the photo that the Herald Sun and Victoria Police are capitalizing on when the driver pulled his feet in just before the EastLink tunnel.
“He looked very young. This guy’s a risk to my safety. Perhaps, Stewart should focus less on gossiping to tabloid newspapers about other people's 'safety shortcomings' and focus more on upgrading his own 'safety shortcomings' such as controlling the wheel with two hands, staying within the same speeding limit that he complains about others violating and illustrating the effectiveness of his programming by being so willing to 'tattle' on his fellow community member.  I don’t want to share the road with people like that,” Stewart said.
Nor do we want to share the road with you Stewart.
Insp Rankin said police were expecting to interview the driver soon.
We can all see that Rankin and the Herald Sun are very happy to accuse before an investigation is completed. If it was the front seat guest or passenger who was resting their feet on the side door, will both Victoria Police and the Herald Sun apologise and admit fault in the same public manner that they have accused?
“The local police will be following this matter up,-we presume because Rankin will be too busy looking at these endless streams of photos that continuously arrive at VIC POL HQ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to follow it up himself, but, strangely has enough time for slanderous media interviews- and what I’d encourage the driver of that vehicle to do - his vehicle and his images have already been on the media - I’d suggest he walk into his local police station and speak to us, because we’re certainly in the situation where we know who is in charge of the vehicle.
“We’ll certainly be knocking on his door if he doesn’t present himself today at some stage.”
The motorist’s legless driver isn’t the only example of reckless behaviour on Victoria’s roads this holiday season.
A woman was photographed reading a book while doing 100km/h on the Monash Freeway last week.
We do not know if the photographer took her/his hands off the steering wheel in order to take that photo.
“This is a constant in your face reminder that there are people our there who just don’t listen and don’t really obey the law,” Insp Rankin said.
Yes. We agree that there are many people who do not obey the law. Mikiverse Law has personally witnessed multiple Magistrate's, County Court Judges, Victoria Police members, print and television media and government members all disobeying 'the law'. The obvious question is;
Is Rankin treatied or has he been adopted by a tribe who expresses and personifies the highest law of this land?
“We’re really horrified with the toll: five dead since Sunday. How does he know? Did Victoria Police have an internal referendum or is he reading propaganda from the company manual? All of them…avoidable collisions and, really, if we don’t slow down and start doing the right thing -notice the double action? The first action is the slowing down, second action is the performance of "the right thing". Notice how vague both actions are- this is going to be a horrendous Christmas-New Year period for us.
We’ve got to really get the message out there people have just got to slow down.”
Insp Rankin said the man “selfish behaviour” meant he would be unable to control his vehicle in case of an emergency. No. Mikiverse Politics did not doctor the grammer in this sentence. The H.S actually paid a "journo" to create this sentence, as well as any number of sub-editor's and editor's to ensure that the quality that the Herald Sun is well known for has not been breached . 
Now, Rankin presumes to home spin some logic in lieu of any type of competent investigation.
“Assuming he was on cruise control or that the resting feet belonged to someone else– which is an assumption, but one that presumes innocence, rather than guilt – he couldn’t brake, he couldn’t stop the vehicle; he’d even have difficulty turning the wheel, so absolutely ludicrous behaviour.”

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