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Here's another good overview of our current reality.

Lewis Mohr comments on Jean Keating
The Jean Keating information from 2006 is as valid today as it was when he
researched it and wrote it and went on radio with the information.

All "Law" moves by contract since 1939 and the shadow of the de jure "The United
States of America" was laid to rest by United States Supreme Court Order of
December 29, 1948, when the district courts of the United States became UNITED
STATES DISTRICT COURTS. The great combining took place in 1937; see Federal
Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 2. The equity venue ran side by side with the law
venue for a while until Dec 29, 1948. Now, there is no de jure law.

If you hear a politician or an attorney, or a judge moving his mouth and making
constitutional noises or law noises, he is lying to you attempting to deceive you into
thinking all is just fine. All is not just fine and has not been fine for a long time... since
the Civil War dissolved "The United States of America" and then "the United States"
was formed under the 14th amendment making all state Citizens, (see State ex rel
Leche v Fowler) into federal United States citizens in diminished capacity. If you have
a social security number, or a 911 home delivery mail slave plantation address, or
you are a debtor in possession of a motor vehicle that has been donated to "this
state" THE STATE OF WHATEVER, as evidenced by a "certificate of a title" and not
the real title which is called the "manufacturers certificate of origin," or borrowed
internal business script credits for buying your house, or/and whatever application for
benefits from "this state" for which you have ever signed up, then YOU CANNOT

The illusion of reality called "this state" a de facto artificial venue and jurisdiction has
been substituted for real reality called "the state" of Whatever. If you have ever
applied for a benefit provided by "this state" or its upline called "the United States"
which is the de facto administration for the social security trust called "UNITED
STATES OF AMERICA," then you cannot apply a law remedy to anything. You must
always find the statutory remedy that *must* be provided for "the people" and apply
the remedy in equity. See, Ashwander v. TVA, 297 US 288.

Jean Keating found that ‘The Matrix’ is real and found the remedy to the matrix/this
state a very long time ago. The info from 2006 recently republished on this list
remains current. “Taxpayer” means "fiduciary." Read title 26 U.S.C. Sec 1040 and
you will understand that anyone with a social security number is a fiduciary for a
probate estate for a dead agriculture plantation slave turned share-cropper (debtor in
possession) artificial commercial person - strawman.

May I suggest -- read the first Agriculture Administration Assistance Act of 1933. This
should blow your mind. It is pure communism. It was re-wrapped as the Old Age
Pension and Survivors Benefits Plan which became the Social Security Act of 1935.
The only tax that is mandatory is the section 801 tax in the Social Security Act.
Curiously that section has been redacted out of the version currently available on
line. If anyone can find the original sec 801 tax anywhere, please pdf it and send to
me; I would like to have a copy of it. I lost my first copy of the section 801 due to a
hard drive crash.

Also FYI, the very first act had three paragraphs in the very beginning that read
similarly: "If any person believes he needs a number, and he applies for, and
receives a number, he will be deemed an employee of the government," which has
also been redacted out of the current Act available on line.
This is important because of Title 26 USC
§ 6331(a) who can be levied?
Answer: "employees of "the United States."
If you have a social security number, then, as the fiduciary for the estate of an
artificial person, a sub-trust of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA administered by "the
United States" of which you volunteered to be an employee/ fiduciary/taxpayer, you
must pay the tax on the profits you make, or premium for membership,(there is no
tax on labor see Title 17 U.S.C. Sec 15) unless you get control of the artificial person,
which Jean Keating has learned how to do.

Always remember these two things: first, “taxpayer” means [a] fiduciary in a trust
relationship; and second, the illusion of reality called "this state" has been substituted
for real reality called "the state."Never is it more blatantly expressed than in the
Texas Constitution at Article 11 Section 1: "The several counties of "this state" are
deemed "legal" subdivisions of "the state." Legal is not lawful. Legal is by contract,
a.k.a. equity.
There is no law remedy to the IRS or to your membership in the Social Security

All courts are private courts of “this state” operated for profit and belonging to the
Priests of the Middle Temple Bar of the Knights Templar headquartered in "The City
of London," and the courts are operated for the management of the continuous
bankruptcy of "the United States" de facto government, for which the People of "The
United States of America" have been tricked (by use of deceptive similar names) into
being the surety.

In fact the entire hierarchy of the court system is a satanic religion and is identical to
the Catholic Church, which, I hope you know, that the Pope holds title and lien
secured party to everything in "The United States of America" and the Bank of
England and the Queen is the administrator for the collection of the tribute, see the
Treaty of Paris of 1783 (see Yale University Diana Project) wherein Prince George,
King of England, refers to himself as the "arch-treasurer of the United States."
Each of us has more contracts and applications that force us into a taxpayer/fiduciary
obligation that there are far too many of them to even consider revoking all ab initio.
You must get control of the artificial person and capture the value of the bond that
was created by the spawn of Satan who operate the illusion so that you can
discharge debt just like the spawn of Satan in New York like Goldman Sachs do it
with the internal business script credits.

All money must first be predicated upon the creation of an instrument of debt based
upon a promise to pay usury sometime in the future. So who creates the money with
which to pay the interest? Good question. Answer is - no one. That is why there were
bankruptcy courts created to (fairly?) handle the redistribution of the assets the
fiduciary generated and leave the fiduciary enough assets to get started generating
wealth again for the trust. The debt creation side first is a rule of the Generally
Accepted Accounting Procedures’ (GAAP) double entry balance sheet deception.
The trusts are in Puerto Rico, and interesting name meaning "the harbour of
r*acketeering, *i*nfluence, and *c*orrupt *o*rganizations." All of the things done to
us that look like crimes are actually perfectly legal and lawful due to our breach of
fiduciary duty, and the foundation for what is done to us has been laid over the past
150 years by the lawmakers who were influenced by the spawn of Satan who operate
the banks.
The Matrix is real.

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