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In the review of the steps necessary for filing your Redemption, the main and primary focus, for some who would chose, is to file a UCC-1 and your Commercial Financing Agreement, this will govern the manner by which you conduct your business affairs, in all relationships, at every level, and especially in COMMERCE, you are always the Secure Party Creditor (who has more interest in things concerning your life than you do?)

You would be surprised by the Truth.  This is why it should be at least contemplated, as to not IF, but WHEN, and WHERE is shall be applied first.   Becoming a Secure Party Creditor requires responsibility, honor and trust, to accomplish our affairs with a ‘do unto others’ approach, thus being a sacred creditor.   These are old and wise principles, especially when we come to an understanding, that, in essence you will as a Secure Party Creditor, be acting as a PRIVATE BANKER.   This requires some basic understanding and studies on how money is actually created both in Private and in the PUBLIC, what determines value…through our Autograph.

As the Redemption Manual points out, “The UCC is simply a lien on the property it specifies and must have an underlying Security Agreement to be valid…Also note that a perfected UCC-1 lien takes priority over a warrant lien that a mortgage company records in the county….”.  This information fractions off into many aspects of our lives.  As where, herein you can also file for Alliodial Title to your land, if you are currently under the impression and assumption that you are in FACT in ownership, this remains to be seen, and can be rectified to reflect the Truth once you claim it through Declaration of Truth Affidavits, Security Agreement is between You (the living soul) and your State created fictitious ENTITY/SRAWMAN, who is a VESSLE by which you conduct COMMERCE, you claim Power Of Attorney In Fact, you become the Creditor for the  Secured Party, hence; you are the Secure Party Creditor.

For certain, the Secure Party Creditor relationship sums up a relationship to the world.

Declarations are made in the form of an Affidavit(s), which we enact and notify others via a method referred to as the Administrative Process:  UCC-1, Security Agreement, Power of Attorney In Fact, Acceptance for Value endorsements, in these ways we can free ourselves from would be corporate overlords and de facto government agencies through the claiming of Common Law Jurisdiction which is a foreign jurisdiction to the same, and the matter to which they have No Subject Matter Jurisdiction. Common Law is common to all individuals, and is based in the understanding and use of your knowledge between Unalienable and Inalienable Rights.

The following is an excerpt from an actual Commercial Security Agreement, which will give insight as to the weight of these documents and declarations, in relation to ones life, and the relationship of the Secure Party Creditor.

Commercial Security Agreement
(to be filed with the UCC-1 and A4V Birth Certificates)
This non-negotiable and non-transferable Security Agreement supplements and controls previous such agreements between the same Parties, and is made and entered this ____ day of________________, 2012 by and between <Strawman> hereinafter “Debtor” (<birth-state> <birth-doc-name> # <BirthCertNum> and Organization # <SSN>), and <TrueName> hereinafter “Secured Party”, Creditor Identification #<EIN>. The Parties acknowledge they agree to be bound by the terms of this Commercial Security Agreement and are identified as follows:

DEBTOR:                                                           SECURED PARTY:
                <Strawman>, a Legal Entity                                        <TrueName>, a <Sex>
<ADDRESS1>                                                    c/o <Address1>
<CITY>, <RESSTATE> <Zip>                             <City>, <ResState> <Zip>
Organization Number: <SSN>                             Employer Identification Number: <EIN>

NOW, THEREFORE, the Parties agree as follows:

Debtor hereby grants Secured Party, who deems himself insecure, a security interest in the Collateral described generally herein or specifically on attached Schedule(s), hereinafter referred to as “Collateral”, to secure all Debtor’s property, as well as all income from every source, and all direct and indirect, absolute or contingent, due or to become due, now existing or hereafter arising, presumed or actual, parol or expressed public indebtedness and liabilities held by Debtor, to Secured Party in consideration for Secured Party providing certain things and accommodations for Debtor including, but not limited to:

With this revealed, there clearly is a new way to create the lives we wish, to live in abundance, and in peace.  Decide whether you wish to follow theYellow Brick Road, or Stay Asleep living the American Dream.

Decide if you wish to remain the way the UNITED STATES (corporation), views you, as a Debtor, perpetually in Debt.  On the other side of the coin, you can claim your right to your own Trust by Ascension, and declare yourself as the Secure Party Creditor, living your life in the Private.

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  1. As of 2013 I am a SPC can not access my UCC trust account nor will the courts accept either A-4-v I filed. I really need some free help because money has no value and everyone seems to want lots of FRN's If anyone is willing to lend a hand please send me an e-mail for further communication on the phone. Thank you Art.