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An uplifting and informative post written by Deck Ape in the fascist book group "Sui Juris Law For beginners"
On Jury Duty

Monday I went for jury duty in a state court in down town Chicago. I have been dying to get in some practice engaging with real judges, in a real court, where I am not a respondent or defendant.

I had a ball. And got the word out to about 2-3 dozen potential jurors, before 2 different judges, on the fraudulent, corporate statutes and codes, admiralty court vs common law court, your birth certificate bond, and whether any respondent/defendant knows they are corporations ( straw man).

In the first court room was a 40 something female judge. She was just sweet as pie and friendly, and gushing niceness to the potential jurors. Until I spoke.

The judge had stated a moment prior that she would give the jury final instructions after the trial finished. She stated she would point out the ‘LAW’ that applies to this case.

I immediately took issue with this statement.

I said it was my understanding that a ‘law’ is passed by both houses of the Illinois Assembly, published in the state register, and became law by enacting legislation. I began to repeat this explanation for all federal laws ( passed by both house of congress/published in the federal register/enacting legislation).

She interrupted me. Her tone was now most impatient.

So I cut to the chase. I looked her in the eye and said I have absolutely no use for the fraudulent statutes and codes.

Her evil exploded into the court room. She became vicious, and angry to the nth degree. And I might add, exposed herself to the potential jurors for what she truly is. Tee! Hee!

She told me I am dismissed and to immediately leave her court room. On my way out, almost to the door, where a few 20 somethings were sitting, to whom I had just explained what I was about to do here in court, I asked : ‘questions’?

The judge exploded in more anger, and yelled at me for speaking out loud in her court while she was speaking. I turned around, looked her in the eye, put my best Cheshire cat grin on my face, and ‘apologized’.

In the hall, the sheriff deputy/bailiff ( a young black woman), said the judge told her I was ‘disruptive’, and if I continued ( I was being returned to the jury pool room for possible further callup), I would be jailed. I told her it would not be the first time. Nor do I succumb to intimidation.

I also told her this is OUR house. Not the lawyers and the judges. She was freaked out by my oratory. And calm, fearless demeanor.

In the afternoon call, this judge was a very senior, savvy jurist. He asked if anyone did NOT take the oath for jurists. I raised my hand, much to the shock of the potential jury pool. (He had just given the same speech as the earlier judge)

He asked why I did not take the oath. I pointed out: 

1.) the gold fringe on the flag and said this is an admiralty law court, not a common law court

2.) That the judge and the lawyers were members of the British Accredited Registry ( Bar), were foreign agents, and were beholden to the Crown, not their client

3.)that I sincerely doubt the plaintiff or the defendant ( this was a rear end collision traffic case where the plaintiff suffered injuries and was suing for damages) know they are considered dead/lost at sea, that they are lunatics, that it was their corporate straw man that was summoned before the court, because of their birth certificate bond

4.) that the court cannot hear them without an enter for appearance and declaration of being a live person with a soul. 

And that this ‘court’ was for commerce between corporations, and he was just an administrator, not a judge here to dispense justice.
Then I told him I have no use for the fraudulent statutes and codes, and could not rule according to the law ( actually the statutes and codes), in my jury deliberations, because this court would refer to the statutes and codes, not the law.

Unfortunately I never got to bring up jury nullification. Oh well…
The judge was very cool about the whole thing.

He admitted this was an admiralty court, and that the BAR members first loyalty was to the Crown, and that the plaintiff/respondents were, in fact, straw man corporations. 

He was sympathetic to my view point, and did not hold it against me.
He allowed both lawyers to question me as part of their normal course of jury selection. 

In the end, BOTH lawyers wanted no part of me. Tee! Hee!
My actions educated the potential jurors. My candor also opened up a most remarkable dialogue between potential jurors, the judge, and the lawyers. I removed the fear, and folks spoke their mind.

I was pleasantly surprised, and most pleased.
And I succeeded in my quest, to get out of jury duty.

I did it honestly, and sincerely, with no BS involved.

And opened more than one set of eyes to what is really going on.

My time with Rod Class, Jordan Maxwell, Pete Hendrickson, Dave Krieger, Stop The Pirates Blog Spot, and Winston Shrout, was time well spent.

I feel GREAT!!!

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