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Maritime Jurisdiction: The biggest scam in the world exposed.

 Maritime Jurisdiction: The biggest scam in the world exposed.

With the news of the cops who brutally beat to death Kelly Thomas being found NOT guilty Americans from coast to coast are outraged. Former Officer Manuel Ramos was charged with second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter, and former Cpl. Jay Patrick Cicinelli is charged with involuntary manslaughter and felony use of excessive force only to ultimately walk free with the third cop involved having all charges dropped.
Americans are screaming for justice. When did cold blooded murder become legal?
I'm not sure which is more disturbing the fact that there are people capable of these violent crimes or the fact that most Americans still have not realized that cops can murder citizens and it's 100% legal and if you don't like it stop paying the IRS corporation.
Most Americans have still not realized that thanks to the ratification of the 14th Amendment all Americans went from being "Sovereign" to "Citizen".
So what's the big deal?... 
The big deal is that change allowed all Americans to be sold into corporate slavery. According to THE UNITED STATES code book a "citizen" is defined as a vessel, franchise, owned by the corporation THE UNTIED STATES, and the parent corporation THE CROWN.
Yes, THE CROWN of England owns you, literally as a citizen. You were sold into slavery and you didn't even know it.
THE UNITED STATES code book also defines "THE UNITED STATES" as a foreign corporation and also that no corporation can bring suit against a "living being". This is why corporations wanted to own you, so they can turn you into a legal fiction so they can bring suit against you, rule you and own you. All you have to do is follow the money and the motive is once again greed.
Before 1913, before the Rothschilds federal reserve was implemented America printed it's own money debt free but after the centralized banking system was set up ( FEDERAL RESERVE ) everything change and America now borrows it's "fiat currency of bank notes" from the England owned FEDERAL RESERVE with debt attached. The more money THE UNITED STATES borrows to pay off the old debt the bigger the debt becomes until the corporation owns the country and everything in it. Obama has stated several times he will never stop using the federal reserve, only raise the debt ceiling. That should tell you who his allegiance belongs to.
THE CROWN couldn't defeat America through military might so they took the back door and paid off our past politicians to sell us all into slavery. It really should not come to you as a surprise, we have all seen how corrupt politicians have been throughout history and still remain today. Corruption and greed have become the status quo in the political world.
Ever since sovereigns become citizens and forced to "pay taxes or else" America has been slowly falling apart. Billions go for war while less then 1% goes to our education system and don't even get me started on the Obamacare extortion disaster. 
As a citizens you are owned by THE CROWN, you are a slave and you pay money to the foreign corporation known as THE UNITED STATES which is owned by parent corporation THE CROWN in the form of taxes. You are being used for your labors to keep the rich-rich and in power, you are paying for your own enslavement, paying for your rights to be taken away from you, for your life to be deemed valueless and you're paying the wages for cops to beat and murder people... maybe one day yourself.
If you would like to see all this corruption there is just one thing you need to do, it's FREE, you don't need to make any signs and go to any marches or rallies...
If you want this corruption to end all you have to do is STOP PAYING FOR IT... to do this, to get away from under the rule of cops, IRS, NSA etc... all you have to do is change your jurisdiction.
Let me explain, this is SO EASY it's ridiculous and the ONLY way you will ever truly make your voice heard.
Those who go to rallies and marches every week are like mice running through a maze. The elites look at them marching with their signs and laugh because they know as long as citizens are dumb enough to continue to pay for their own enslavement nothing will change, it's sad but true.
When you change your jurisdiction to common law your voice is heard not as a mouse but as a LION!!!
Cops, IRS, NSA, FBI, CIA, and all sub divisions of THE UNITED STATES and THE CROWN all rule over you from "maritime jurisdiction", that's right... law of the sea, thanks to the ratification of the 14th amendment citizen you are no longer ruled under common law where your life has value and you have claim to human rights and the constitution "for" America.
If you want to get away from this tyranny all you have to change your jurisdiction which is SO EASY! Anyone can change their jurisdiction at any time. this right is held up by international law and universal law which you can see a copy of on any governments website and also on the U.N. web site.
If the elites (corporations) don't have jurisdiction over you they have no power over you what so ever.
What you need to do is stop being a citizen under (maritime jurisdiction) with THE UNITED STATES; a foreign corporation and become an Affirmed American National; defined as a living being, under (common law) with The United States of America; a real nation, not to be confused with the corporation known as THE UNITED STATES.
This is the only way to stop this tyranny. withdraw your consent for tyranny to continue and stop paying for it.
Become an Affirmed American Nation by calling The Great Registry for the Government of The United States of America. This will put you under common law where your life has value, you no longer have to pay the IRS and cops will have no jurisdiction or authority over you what so ever as the laws they enforce are maritime laws only under maritime jurisdiction. you will now follow common laws under common law jurisdiction.
If you are an American patriot this is the best thing you can ever do to make your voice heard and help make America great again, reclaim your sovereignty and stop paying for tyranny. 
The Great Registry for the Government of The United States of America is below.
Call them and tell them you want to become an Affirmed American National today. The longer you wait the longer tyranny will rule.
Office of the registrar for The United States of America
Phone:(602) 845-0473
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