Saturday, February 22, 2014


Surveillance video helped a man uncover the truth. 

A police car going the wrong way on a one way street hit a parked vehicle.

But, the man waiting inside the SUV was arrested. 

The video, he says, –Why doesn't the media agree with the clear video footage? It looks like the man is claiming something other than the truth– shows he should not have been arrested and that the cops fabricated the story.

"I was embarrassed, I couldn't even stop from them crying, I just kept telling them from the window that everything was going to be alright," said Robert Jackson, crash victim.

But Jackson didn't think it would be alright, until he got the tape. 

The video starts with a police cruiser going the wrong way on the narrow street in Brownsville.

If there is an emergency or a reason for going the wrong way, it's unclear, –The media is trying to defend the cops with lies, if there was an emergency they would have sirens and lights activated, there would be police radio chatter, if there was a  genuine reason like a crime being committed, or an escapee noticed or the like, the officers would've been moving to the emergency instead of processing a charge & the corporate media itself would've been full of stories about the emergency. No. There was no emergency. The police broke the law & the media is defending them to the hilt– and the cruiser quickly has to get out of the way of an approaching truck, that's when the cruiser hits the parked SUV Robert Jackson was sitting in, waiting for his family. 

"They hit the back end of the truck. The truck had a little rock to it, so that's I assume them backing it up," Jackson said. 

Jackson got out of the car to address the matter with the police, who started looking at the car for damage. 

Jackson couldn't believe what the officers were saying.

"They said it was me that hit them. That's when I put my hand up like I couldn't believe this was even happening to me," Jackson said. 

Jackson says the police then spent time in the neighborhood looking for surveillance cameras.

There are several, as Eyewitness News saw on the street. 

Whether the police saw them or not is unclear, –the police need to see a camera before they will obey the law? but they did arrest Jackson and charged him with damaging public property and resisting arrest. 

And in the cruiser on the way to the precinct, Jackson says one of the officers explained why it was going down this way.

"He was telling me he wasn't going to lose his $750,000 home over me. 

And I said, 'whoa!'" Jackson said. 

The charges against Jackson were later dropped. If he had been convicted of the charges against him, Jackson could have faced up to a year in jail. Jackson is now suing the city.

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