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swissindo god sky earth orbitThe Promise of OPPT

The OPPT (One People's Public Trust) promised to free humanity from corporate power by using its legal framework to make claims against major players in the modern power structures that could not be rebutted. Without a rebuttal, the theory goes, the claim is upheld and becomes law by default. Started by a UCC lawyer, the OPPT declared they had a superior claim to pretty much the world's entire wealth and that by absorbing all the corporate and government trusts on the planet. All this wealth, or 'ill gotten gain', would be redistributed to every man, woman and child on the planet to the tune of around $6 million USD each.

The SWISSINDO Deception

Freedom actrivists from all over the world were attracted to OPPT, looking like a lawful way to bring down the ruling class from their perch and introduce true equality to the world. Don't worry about the trust they are told, the trust requires nothing of you and your participation is completely voluntary. The OPPT itself has made the filings, fulfilled its purpose and dissolved itself, leaving us al to figure out where to go from here. This part of the story leads us to believe that all involved are operating in an anti-hierarchical nature to prevent an elite ruling class to simply replace the old one. From OPPT, came SWISSINDO with the mission of fulfilling the promise of the OPPT filings. One activist who was involved as an Australian delegate named Pieta Morgan discovered that this was a deception and reached out to TWOT to tell her story and provide documentation of their real plans for humanity. This plan appears to be a partnership with the United Nations in a bid for global government. This plan appears to be a partnership with the United Nations in a bid for global government. In fact, SWISSINDO appears to be another front for the United Nations New world Order Agenda, wrapping their dangerous collectivist ideaology into a 'New Age' package to create a new cult of control freaks.

So what is SWISSINDO? While OPPT was meant to dissolve the existing heirarchy of corporatocracy and return the wealth of the world back to the rest of humanity, SWISSINDO seeks to fill the vaccuum and basically put a new face on it. At the top of this pyramid, or at least the capstone that faces the public, is personified by an Indonesian person named MR SOEGIHARTO, who is dubbed "The King of Kings". This self-styled king-of-the-world proclaims to be the man who will save humanity sitting atop his alleged masses of gold that will be used to back a new world currency; the Chinese Yuan. Yes, the SWISSINDO crowd say that they will replace the US dollar with the Chinese Yuan as the world reserve trading currency and this will be backed by gold. You won't be able to exchange the totalitarian regime's paper fiat currency for gold at the bank, but you should just take their word for it.

SWSSINDO power structure 

The King of the World and His Emperors

According to former insider and whistleblower Pieta Morgan, 100 delegates from around the world will be attending a coronation ceremony on March 11, 2014 for the 'king of kings', MR SOEGIHARTO in Cirebon, Indonesia. They will allegedly be joined by various world leaders who have been invited to attend such as US President Barrack Obama and Queen Elizabeth II. The 100 delegates are then required to remain in Indonesia until sometime around June, for reasons that we can only speculate.

The image on the right comes from an internal document and shows a power flow chart that outlines the proposed new hierarchy that is to run the world. As you can see, the 'king of kings' sits atop several layers of 'royal' authority down to a series of emperors delegated to each continent. Prime Ministers etc sit below these appointed emperors. Sounds really representative and accountable doesn't it? No it doesn't sound that way to me either.

This is the sort of typical collectivist madness to be expected from the United Nations; a completely unrepresentative and undemocratic institution comprised of tyrants pretending to be saviours of the Earth.

My interview with Pieta was given within hours of her public outting of SWISSINDO and their global bid for a UN backed global power grab and was a bit rushed. This was followed by a large data dump of files revealing much of what has been discussed here. These and some revealing phone conversations and recordings will be published here at TWOT shortly to further expose the SWISSINDO scam. A follow up interview will be conducted and posted shortly to bring all the threads together and bring further context to bizarre and ambitious plot to bring in the New World Order.

Below is a propaganda video from SWISSINDO posted on YouTube explaining the pretense for their agenda.

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